The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Education (ADAE) is a program directed The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Education (ADAE) is a program directed towards parents that have use and abuse drugs. The abuse and use of drugs is not a harmless personal decision. There are real, long-lasting, and devastating consequences for those who abuse drugs, and also for their families, friends, and indeed the communities. We know by fact that their outcome may be fatal leaving families’ in many instances in complete abandonment.

Attendees will learn and apply some knowledge of basic principles of drug use, misuse, and addiction. Some emphasis will be made in regards to the major drug categories. Also, they will learn innovative discoveries about the brain that have revolutionized our understanding of uncontrollable drug use.

The four general strategic objectives set by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA’s) are:

  • Identify the biological, environmental, behavioral, and social causes and consequences of drug use and addiction across the lifespan
  • Develop new and improved strategies to prevent drug use and its consequences
  • Develop new and improved treatments to help people with substance use disorders achieve and maintain a meaningful and sustained recovery
  • Increase the public health impact of NIDA research and programs

Recommended books:

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  • The Thirteenth Step: Addiction in the Age of Brain Science (English) 1st Edición by Markus Heilig (Author)
  • The Addiction Recovery Workbook: A 7-step Master Plan For Lasting Recovery, Written By A Former Addict (Addiction books) Kindle Edition by C.W. V. Straaten (Author)
  • Drugs, the Brain, and Behavior: The Pharmacology of Abuse and Dependence (Haworth Therapy for the Addictive Disorders) (English) 1st Edición by John Brick (Author), Carlton Erickson (Author)
  • Intervention: How to Help Someone Who Doesn't Want Help. Vernon E. Johnson, DD. 1986.
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