I. AFCS mission statement:

Our mission is to educate, orient, and assist new immigrants to adjust to this multicultural society, and to provide the services they will need to become an American Citizen, regardless of their nationalities, age, race, religion, sex, academic background and economy status.

II. Needs statement:

Immigrants’ adults over 18 years old are welcome to attend. Some are prepared and they need some command in the English language in order to pass the USCIS Test satisfactory Others do not have this command due to recent arrival, and in order to assist both of them, we have created the US Citizenships program. This program will have two components.

A. Education Program:

  1. To teach civic and history of the USA in order to create consciousness by means of active participation in the civic life of the USA.
  2. To prepare people for the Citizenships test by teaching them the branches of government, the Supreme Court, the US President, the US constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Civil War, through conferences, lectures, educational videos and weekly test review.
  3. ESL basic grammar both in English and in Spanish will be combining with this program to assist people who have little command of the English Language.
  4. Professional personnel in the Immigration Laws and other related areas would be invited to provide updated lectures to satisfy the curriculum of the program.

B. Legal Advice and Referral Program:

  1. The AFCS will make all necessary attempts to keep up to date information in regards to the new Immigration laws, which will be disseminated through pamphlets, media articles, and web links, to satisfy the need of the new immigrants and the curriculum.
  2. If it’s necessary immigrants will receive legal advice and referrals to the proper community agencies, to assist them in the process of obtaining their American Citizenship.

II. Staff Personnel:

Our program requires an adult ESL teacher, other professional and other staff related to this program will be hired in order to fulfill the objectives and goals of the program.

III. Course Completion:

  • a. This program will be provided to 15-20 students for three consecutive hours during twelve (12) sessions during weekdays or weekends. Others may require longer time. After this, we will continue providing this same program four times every year.


IV. Evaluation.

  • a. AFCS will have every week writing and verbal test in order to see the student’s comprehension of the course.
  • b. AFCS staff will help them after classes either with their homework or any related difficulties they might have.
  • c. We will monitor either the successful or failure of all students who complete this course. If some encountered difficulties, our staff personnel would be ready to help them in any capacity. Those students who complete successfully would be invited as a lecturer – coach to this program.
  • d. Students who fail will be invited to continue taken the program until successfully past the basic requirements.

V. Course Requirements:

All students must participate in class activities, complete homework assignments, and demonstrate an effort to improve. Attendance for all sessions is a MUST.

VI. Grading Methodology

  • 20% Daily Quizzes
  • 30% Essays or group work / Midterm test.
  • 40% Final test or essay’s when possible / oral test
  • 10% Attendance

VII. Homework / Assignment

01. Write at least 10 minimum NEW words from any book, newspaper, etc. every single day…

  • a. If you look and write 10 new words times 7 = 70
  • b. If you look and write 20 new words times 7 = 140
  • c. If you look and write 30 new words times 7 = 210
  • d. If you look and write 50 new words times 7 = 350
  • e. If you look and write 100 new words times 7 = 700

02. Copy and paste any writing article FROM ANY SOURCE in your notebook. Then read as much as you can… You will be able to grasp in some detail exactly how the word is writing…

03. Read and practice the most important verbs

  • a. TO BE,
  • b. TO HAVE,
  • c. TO DO, and

04. Read and practice the most important:

  • a. REGULAR and
  • b. IRREGULAR verbs.

05. Try to write any simple sentence….

  • a. Present Tense,
  • b. Past and
  • c. Future tense.

06. Look up in the dictionary any WORD meaning in English and Spanish.

07. Listen the USCIS CD and remember the questions given.