Anger Management

Anger Management Program. (English & Spanish on weekdays and weekends). This program is designed for people that are experiencing distress, anxiety, guilt, shame, or get easily irritated causing you problems in interacting with others or someone you loved / liked, and you can’t control your anger and this is happening frequently, most likely you are beginning to suffer some kind of psychological signs of anger. If you or someone is undergoing these issues should take this AM course that last sixteen (16) lessons/weeks.

Anger is a normal response to loss, guilt, fear, shame, etc. Explosive and chronic anger can signal unsettled negative emotions regarding past traumatic events in your life. Possibly you owe it to yourself to coexist peacefully with others and consider how your words and actions affect the people around you. Possibly you walk in the world with a constant sense of hunger and greed. Possibly you constantly cope with feelings of vulnerability and shame. The above feelings work on your mood like acid. You might be irritable or exhausted from holding your tongue.



  • Is offer to parents, caregivers, and anyone who feels their anger has caused problems with others by learning how to promote the benefits of self-growth and understand one’s thinking, and behavior that causes troubles in relationships or in raising a child.
  • It will help to improve their skills in the following areas: Communication skills and listening; manage your stress, your judgment, and impulse control; learn empathy and what causes your emotional distress; how to forgive those who have harmed you, and how to improve self-talk and the ability for better performance.

Recommended Books:

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Anger. Renora Ricata. The Rosen. Publishing Co. 1992.
  • Forgiveness is a Choice: A Step-by-Step Process for Resolving Anger and Restoring by Robert D. Enright.
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  • Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies For Health And Well-Being. 7th Edition. By Brian Luke Seaward