About Us


American Family Community Services

The American Family Community Services had its beginnings in 1986 when our founder, Rodolfo Flores, began volunteering with other volunteers of the NYC Chamber of Commerce. His objective was to learn different issues that affect our multicultural community, to engage and cooperate among the different organizations that exist in that time and ultimately to become somewhat knowledgeable about the Not-For-Profit sector and business enterprises. After gaining these experiences Flores ended up forming his Real Estate Business office where he obtained firsthand business information. Since then he became very active in the NYC public affairs and local businesses. By mid 1990 he formed a new Not-For-Profit Organization and its purpose was to help minority Immigrant and business owners.

During these years, Flores continued his studies, began his higher education, and obtained his Social Work Master’s Degree. His goal was to pursue forming what he had left behind; an organization that provides community educational programs in the not formal education (Holistic Healing or Natural Health). An organization where he can work, together with many public and private organizations, and at the same time promote leadership education, and advocacy among the educational and business community of New York City and New York State. Flores envisioned creating and builds relationships across neighborhood states nationwide, as well as the international business or educational counterparts. Specifically, to create an educational institution in the areas of Holistic Health, make educational partnership or exchanges with other organizations that fulfill similar objectives, solicit funds and sponsorships from public and private companies to promote the well-being of individuals and families in the field of mental and physical health. Maintain, manage and organize groups of professionals of different ethnic groups to bring fresh ideas to benefit their own communities. After this educational vision, his professional and business experiences, the founder mind was to form an educational business enterprise which it can help new Immigrants and business owners to get acquainted with the NYC and NYS educational system. Finally, together with other local dedicated professionals Flores formed the American Family Community Services, a local Not-For-Profit Educational Organization whose primary objective is to provide educational seminars or workshop for parents, caregivers, or any persons encountering difficulties not only in raising children, but also issues that affect their life.

Flores hopes that he can accomplish his last dream; to build an educational enterprise that will deliver Holistic Health education, and write his own experiences as a clinical Social Worker, instructor, counselor, writer, and speaker.